Thirteenski Silk Chiffon Scarf


Our most popular scarf is a wonderful synthesis of math and art.

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Our most popular silk chiffon scarf is a wonderful synthesis of math and art. It features a Matisse woodcut-like design based on a geometric arrangement that builds a single square out of thirteen smaller squares of different sizes, rotations, and mirrorings. The squares are then threaded into a sequence of diagonal lines that are smoothed to produce a curve from one corner of the scarf to the opposite corner. This scarf is named for the number 13 and the mathematician Sierpinski, who created a famous fractal pattern called a carpet, to which this scarf pattern is related. As is the case with all our scarfs, the foreground and the background have the same shape: you can’t tell them apart.

  • Monaco Blue and White
  • 14″ x 68″
  • 100% Chinese silk chiffon