Intertwingle Silk Chiffon Scarf


Inspired by Ted Nelson, who created the word “hypertext,” this scarf places emerald on white.

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Product Description


This math scarf has a pattern on it reminiscent of fingers intertwingling with each other. As with other scarves in our collection, this one is based on a motif that subdivides a square into 9 by 9 smaller squares, then orients, arranges, transforms, smooths, and recursively threads them all to form a curve that, without crossing itself, travels the entire scarf from one corner to the other, dividing green from white. Like other of our scarf patterns, this one is self-reverse: the foreground and background are the same, in an Escher-like way. It can be seen simultaneously as both color on white, or white on color.

The word intertwingle is a mash-up of two words: intertwine and intermingle. The word was invented many years ago by Ted Nelson, the son of the actress Celeste Holm (she appeared in the movie classics “All About Eve” and “Gentlemen’s Agreement”). Nelson is an inspiring and influential computer pioneer who also coined the word hypertext (the ‘ht’ in your web browser’s “http:”).

  • Emerald and White
  • 14″ x 68″
  • 100% Chinese silk chiffon