Honeydipper Silk Chiffon Scarf


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Perhaps you’ve seen a kitchen tool for removing honey from a jar. Called a honey dipper, it has several wooden layers, between which the honey sticks and from which it drips. The pattern on this silk chiffon scarf is similar but more diamond-shaped and repeated everywhere like a tiling. Each pattern is based on dividing a square into 81 smaller squares in various orientations. After a mathematical transformation that converts diagonal lines to horizontal and vertical lines, all the squares are threaded into a sequence. The lines are then smoothed to produce a curve from one corner of the scarf to the opposite corner. The many honey dipper motifs occur equally in both foreground and background forms that overlap, so that you can’t tell the difference when you turn the scarf upside-down.

  • African Violet and White
  • 14″ x 68″
  • 100% Chinese silk chiffon